Not Stopping...

2019 / Year End Matching Challenge
What, or Who is most important in your life?

This can be a tough question to wrestle with but asking and seeking answers to tough questions has always been an integral aspect of the faith journey and a guiding light for the growth of Biglife.

For the past twenty years, people like you have partnered with Biglife, with a passion to be used to advance His kingdom and His purpose around the world. As a result of your partnership, God has opened doors into 130 countries through contacts, partnerships with like-minded ministries, and by divine appointment.

The urgency to reach and disciple the lost around the world continues.
We cannot do this without you. We need to do this together.
Many more people need to hear about Jesus in 2020. Biglife is not stopping, we are accelerating!

Although we have reached our 2019 Year End Matching Challenge goal, we welcome you to give as generously as you are able to help us continue into 2020.

Please Mail Gifts To:

PO Box 110431 Naples, FL 34108

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On the island of Mauritius—Africa, a lady responded to a Biglife discipleship training held a year earlier. She contacted the Biglife trainers, and they prayed with her and encouraged her. She then responded in faith and in tune with the Biglife model, led her estranged mother and father to Jesus. Her mother and father are now sharing Christ with others!
In Pakistan, a Biglife leader had the same dream three nights in a row, to go to a village he once visited, and take Muslim Outreach Bibles with him. The Holy Spirit told him to stand in the town square holding a Bible. Three Muslim scholars approached him—all three shared that they had a dream that a man with the “Heavenly Book” would meet them there. He began discipling these men, and gave them 50 more Bibles to use in a Muslim school nearby.
In Michigan, what began years ago through the obedience of some Biglifers prayer walking, has resulted in disciples being made unto the 4th generation.
In Cameroon —Africa, due to heavy rains, truck engines catching fire, unpassable roads... our Biglife team could not get to an unreached people group named the Bomwalis for 5 months. But as you can imagine, the Lord made a way and Biglife later learned the Bomwalis had actually evacuated because of flooding and had not been in their homes for 5 months, but had now returned! Not only did Biglife, and our partner, not give up for five months, but the irony is not lost on us that the Bomwalis would not have even been there had they arrived earlier. Is God in control? We know He is! Bomwali believers are now reaching other Bomwalis for Jesus Christ, for the first time ever!
Will you take a moment to celebrate these praiseworthy mission moments with us?