Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biglife?

Biglife is an international disciple making ministry headquartered in Florida and established in 2000.

How was Biglife started?

In the 1040 Window (South and Central Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa) it is estimated that every time your heart beats, one person dies, and they never heard of Jesus Christ. Which begs the question “Are you living a small life in your small little world, or are you willing to live a big life, a life of big Kingdom impact?”  The journey had begun to discover what it means to live a big life for God. A few men were invited into Iran to coach baseball.  The Lord brought about opportunities to share the gospel, and a prominent religious leader came to faith in Jesus through the obedience of these men.  Similar methods were used in S. Asia with very little results.  In 2003 the Lord revealed His strategy of finding Luke 10 persons of peace.  A person of peace is an indigenous person who welcomes disciples of Jesus and their message and catalyzes a disciple making movement in their community.

What does Biglife do?

Biglife empowers and mobilizes ordinary people to live a lifestyle of loving God, loving others, and multiplying disciples of Jesus.  Every believer is commanded (Matthew 28:19-20) and called to make disciples (Mark 16:15, Luke 16:27-28, 1 Corinthians 9:16-17, Acts 16:9). We train the indigenous to reach their own people for Jesus Christ.

What is Biglife’s vision for the future?

We envision radically obedient disciples in every nation, turning the world upside down for Jesus Christ.

Acts 17:6

Where does Biglife work?

Biglife is headquartered in the United States, working in over 120 countries including the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

How will my donations be used?

Biglife invests in people who are committed to Jesus Christ and have counted the cost to become His disciple. They then evangelize their own people and make disciples of new believers who then make even more disciples.

These disciple makers also need support for their families and things like Bibles, bicycles, and motorbikes to bring the gospel and discipleship training to remote areas. Medical care is provided when they are beaten for their faith, and Biglife also supports the families of disciple makers when they have been martyred.

Donations can be made by visiting

What kind of impact has been made?

The work usually starts small by pouring deeply into a few people. As disciples first obey, greater understanding will follow. Disciples making disciples leads to a movement that spreads across countries, borders, and across the globe.  Since the year 2003, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, and others have been led to Jesus Christ by disciples who came out of those religions.

How is Biglife different?

Many organizations evangelize but the follow up is key. Once persons of peace are found, the indigenous Biglife leaders stay and disciple those persons of peace so they can disciple their own people.  This model helps greatly reduce dependency.

What is the training like?

The training is a lifestyle. A new disciple spends time going and making disciples with their trainer instead of learning in a classroom environment.  Those who demonstrate this obedience usually become disciple makers in 6-12 months. Disciples learn from Scripture, the Holy Spirit,  and obedience to Jesus’ commands, which is modeled to them by their disciple maker.

Can I be trained?

Visit see how you can become a disciple maker in your home, community, and around the world.

Is my gift to Biglife tax deductible?

Yes, Biglife is a 501C3 charitable organization.

More questions?

Email or call 1-855-244-5433 x514.

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