The Why

When people ask what I do, I can answer with how I typically respond, “We teach people how to be the body of Christ in a simple way and help them teach others how to do the same.” or “We make disciples that make disciples.” Sometimes I’ll get fancy with some variation or combination of that. But in my mind, I’m constantly thinking, this is just what we do, the person in front of me needs to know why we do it. It is not what we do that contains the power. Why we do it brings the fuel we need.

After walking in this for a little while, we’ve seen a lot of people try to engage in disciple multiplying and simple church multiplying from a place of being the next cool thing, because it’s more efficient, or even because we were able to sell it as the way to change a community, country or the world. But in all honesty, without the why established firmly as the reason for it, it typically doesn’t last long. It is too hard without the why.

In the United States right now, this is especially true. We are constantly looking for the wrong measures of success. We are hardwired that success is filling up the building, filling up the offering plate, having a dynamic time together, then hopefully building or buying some more buildings, etc. Sadly, our success rarely looks like what we see in the Bible; where every person who believes in Christ joyfully puts his/her entire life on the altar for Him. In all honesty, in the short run, this is less romantic. It is easier to fill up a building and have a dynamic time than it is to make biblical based disciples who sincerely love Jesus.

This is why we need the why all the more. In a country with Christians constantly looking for the next thing, the next book, podcast, program, conference, we need to return to what is old. We need to return to the love we had at first. The person of Jesus Christ for who He truly is as expressed in the Bible. He is the why for us and the Scriptures reveal him perfectly as our why. To live into this is much deeper than another program or book that is going to change the church and bring revival. While living in Him is much deeper than a program, it is also a lot harder. It is easier to follow a program than have a deep relationship. But we need a fresh relationship, not a new program.

Jesus as our why now feeds us, drives us toward lives that look more like Jesus and the desire to see others live into his kingdom as well. This is life to the full. It doesn’t leave us okay with good enough, but leaves us wondering, “how can we look more like Him? How can we see his kingdom come in the fullest expression in my neighborhood, city, state or beyond.”

This is where our heart is and we hope it grows even more in the person of Jesus. If you are wondering what it looks like to grow in relationship with him and see others around you come to know him as well. We would love to help, but remember, though we would love to walk together, you will need to keep the why front and center! Please reach out to us if you’d like to learn how to grow in this yourself and help others to do the same.

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