This is a historic moment.

You are one moment away from helping Biglife make Disciples in Afghanistan. Disciple making is what Jesus asked us to do.

Will you help us make disciples in Afghanistan?

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The unfolding situation in Afghanistan breaks our hearts, yet we know God is still working and moving.

We are praying for peace. We are praying for disciple makers in Afghanistan. We are praying for God’s mercy.

Will you pray alongside us?

The Biglife strategy enables us to accelerate our efforts during this time of uncertainty for the Afghan people. Panic in some will allow for incredible conversation with the masses.

We are responding by doing what Biglife has done for over 20 years—leading with the Gospel and looking for persons of peace as we help the people in Afghanistan survive under Taliban rule.

We also have several Biglife families nearby ready to assist with food, clothing, and relocation as people leave the country.

Every Corner of the World
We don't know what God is up to, but we must stay focused on the command Jesus gave us to make disciples in every corner of the world without fear. In addition to praying alongside us, many of you have been contacting us sensing the Holy Spirit's prompting to financially support the Afghan people in crisis.
In response, we’ve opened a specific fund to provide resources to Afghans seeking safety as they are forced to leave their farms, businesses, and homes. With your continued prayers and generous support, we will continue to run toward the darkness covering Afghanistan with the one true Hope — Jesus.
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