For over 20 years, Biglife has provided humanitarian relief across the globe.


As new world crises endanger innocent lives, Biglife’s on-the-ground network provides life changing impact to those in need. We’re relentless in our efforts to serve the vulnerable through rescue missions, food aid, and other relief initiatives.

What Does Loving Big Look Like?

At the heart of Biglife is the desire to love others well. Biglife partners are committed to staying, supporting, and relocating the thousands of vulnerable people in need of safety. How? Biglife’s indigenous leaders on the ground provide resources to families with travel documents, shelter, food, clothing, and the Gospel. And it doesn’t stop there.

When all else fails, love wins. Be a part of something bigger.

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For years, Biglife has continually sought out opportunities to deliver hope amid devastation. Since the US withdrew forces in Afghanistan, Biglife has safely relocated over 50,000 people.

Go behind the scenes with Biglife’s leadership to find out how.

Biglife in Afghanistan
Megan Alexander speaks with Biglife leadership about their on-the-ground network in Afghanistan and their unique position to aid thousands in danger under Taliban rule.
What is Biglife?
Leaders sit down with Megan Alexander to discuss the origin of Biglife, the faith that grounds their mission, and how you can join the global movement.

Live Big. Love Big. Give Big.

People across the globe need our help. Join the mission to serve with us.

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Rescue comes with relief, but it also comes with fear. Leaving behind farms, businesses, and homes, relocated refugees are forced to start over in new, unknown places.

This is where you come in. Your gift provides resources for displaced refugees to begin rebuilding their lives and support our ongoing rescue missions.

Donate today to make double the difference and love big.

If you would like to mail a donation, please send checks to:

PO Box 110431
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