A healthy Biglife is not possible without prayer.

We’ve seen it again and again: your prayers are powerful and effective in helping disciples all over the world live for Jesus. Will you join us in praying for the loving advance of God’s Kingdom? These are just some of the worldwide requests.

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Kenny Fong has been sending us updates from the trainings that are happening in Malawi. Praise the Lord that many laborers are being activated to share the Gospel and many are surrendering their lives to the Lordship of Jesus.

In the first training, teams of 2 were sent out prayer walking to looking for people of peace and 15 people confessed Jesus as Lord. In the second training, 6 more people were saved.


We received this report and prayer requests  from Casey Laws in Peru…

“Last weekend we went person of peace hunting in Moyobamba, Perú. Friday night we planned for and prayed over the areas where we would be sharing the Gospel on Saturday. Eight locals shared with 27 people and 12 of those people prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Two people were instantly healed after we prayed for them, and they accepted Christ after experiencing His power.  I also had the privilege of sharing the story of Philip and the Ethiopian in a rehab center for men. Many of them are new believers and have not been baptized. We are returning later this month to have a time of Baptism with them. Pray for their desire to obey the commands of Christ and for us to make all necessary plans for this opportunity to be a reality.”


Peter Dunn serves as Biglife’s Director of Europe and lives in England with his wife, Jane.  Peter shares these requests for Scotland…

Pray that churches may be revived to make disciples who make disciples, and that believers will get out and about and share their stories of personal faith in Jesus and the difference that this makes. Pray for me as I meet with Scottish leaders early in 2020 to encourage them in embracing disciple making principles.  Give thanks for the openness of some to step out in faith in disciple making.


The Lord has provided an opportunity for Biglife to cast vision for Disciple Making Movements at the 42 locations of WinterJam, which begins January 10. Pray for people to be discovered at every location who desire to be used by God to make multiplying disciples of Jesus.


Pray for Jereme and Habil’s time in Turkey in the days ahead. Pray for it to be highly productive in equipping refugees and the indigenous population to make disciples who make disciples.


Hannah Holtkamp and freshmen students from Grand Valley State University in Michigan spent recent days at Liberty University training and co-laboring with Liberty freshmen. Praise the Lord for the obedience of our new sister-in-Christ, Ellen, in baptism. Also, several high school students who were visiting from North Carolina were trained how to share the Gospel using the 3 circles method.


The Lord has been answering our prayers for Kenny Fong’s time in Malawi in amazing ways. Kenny sent this update with pictures from his first day…

While engaging the neighborhood this morning, we were invited to a mosque by an Imam. We shared with him and he accepted Christ. We also engaged a group of Muslims. They confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior. Then we immediately challenged them to obey and share Jesus with others. Ten people were baptized today!


Our brothers and sisters in Slovenia request our prayers for the new groups that are forming. We are asked to pray for them to embrace a lifestyle of love, joyful obedience, simple trust and complete surrender to the Lord Jesus.


Dave Marrett and his team will begin reaching the island nations of Oceania in early 2020. Let’s pray for the Lord to give them clear direction on where to start. Pray also for the Spirit to prepare the hearts of these people to receive Truth as Dave and his team raise up laborers to proclaim it.


Please pray for time that Brother Habil will spend in the United Arab Emirates in the coming days. He will be training some of his contacts in the concepts of multiplying disciples of Jesus. Pray for many to begin immediately applying what they learn.


Our prayers are needed for Brother Leo in Cameroon as he and his team engage another unreached, unengaged people group. They have already made an exploratory trip to find their location. However, they were not able to spend much time with them because they were much harder to find than anticipated. Leo believes this group may be resistant to the Gospel because of the presence of Islam. As Leo’s team plans to return in the coming days to look for a person of peace, let’s unite with them in prayer.


Peter Dunn serves as Biglife’s Director of Europe and lives in England with his wife, Jane.  Peter shares these requests…

Pray for the Lord to root us in the city of Sheffield and help us as we seek out people of peace. May the Lord lead and direct us in our personal calling to live a Biglife and to make disciples who make disciples. Yorkshire, where Sheffield is set, has the lowest percentage of church attendance of any county in the UK. Pray for the vision for what the Lord can do in England more widely to be captured by many and for the reverse to be turned around. Pray for the Lord to send more workers into the harvest. Give thanks for those who are beginning to embrace disciple making and seeking to live it out.


God’s Kingdom is increasing in Slovenia, but there are some significant challenges. Pray against spiritual warfare that manifests itself in the form of ill health. Pray also for the leaders who are rising up to embrace their roles and grow in confidence.


John and Jennifer Hoogeveen will be leading a training on November 22 & 23, just a few days after they transition back to Puerto Rico from their time in the United States. Let’s pray for this training to ignite a work of the Lord that can not be stopped by our enemy.


The Lord has opened an opportunity for Brother Habil to provide discipleship training inside Syria in the days ahead. Please begin praying for the Lord to use Habil to strengthen and equip the Body of Christ in Syria who have endured much in recent years.


Please be in prayer for four trainings that Kenny Fong will provide in Malawi in the coming days. One focus and hope for the trainings is for the engagement of an unreached, unengaged people group. Pray also for the Lord to use these trainings to raise up an army of laborers who will sow Gospel seeds and make many disciples in the days ahead.


Praise the Lord for a great leader’s retreat in Mauritius. Kenny shares this report…

“Amazing time with our leaders in Mauritius! We spent 3 nights – retreat; worshipping, praying, training, weeping over the lost, confessing sins and repenting, washing the feet of our leaders, vision casting, loving one another, and planning for the next 3 months!”


Leaders in Indiana are spending the next three months fasting and praying for the Lord to raise up a laborer in each of the 92 counties throughout the state by September 2020. They are also actively seeking persons of peace throughout the state and training the concepts of multiplying disciples. Let’s pray for the Lord’s Kingdom to be rapidly expanded throughout Indiana as this vision comes to fruition.


Our family at 1Body in Tampa is hosting Set Our Hearts On Fire, an outreach for the residents of the University Mall Area on Saturday, November 16th @ 5:00 pm. It will include live bands, a gospel presentation and home-cooked meal.

They are taking ground through prayer, praise, worship and the proclamation of the Word of God. They are believing God to bring salvation, healing, deliverance and wholeness into many lives that attend the event.

We are invited to join a 10-day time of prayer and fasting for however much you are able to participate beginning November 6, patterned after the 10-day time period from Jesus’ ascension to Pentecost.


Your prayers were greatly appreciated for Dave Marrett’s time in a security sensitive area of South Asia. He has just headed home and shares that it was a highly effective time with the indigenous leaders. Here is one testimony that Dave sent us…

“Awesome day of meet ups with our core team and spending time with one of the guys who was trained this week. He is in an area of persecution so we walked through the jungle to his village so that we didn’t draw any attention – what I did draw was the principle of multiplication (pictured below) and he was so excited to tell me that he has already started doing 3/3 in his groups and releasing his disciple to share and baptize. Once he saw it in scripture he was in tears that he had been doing it wrong and went and repented and told them the new things he had learned – only the Holy Spirit can do this! I’m blown away…once again!”



Heavenly Father, you love the people of Greece so much that you not only sacrificed your Son for them, but then you called Paul through a dream to come proclaim salvation through Jesus. How amazing! The power of the cross and your great love have not diminished over the past 2000 years. Hallelujah! So we come before you today and cry out for the souls of the people who call Greece home – both the indigenous and the refugees. We pray for you to visit them in dreams. Open their eyes to the reality of Christ. Set a fire in their hearts for Truth. We pray also for the ongoing work among the refugees to burn hotter. Increase the vision of the laborers and help them to practice your strategies. Lord, reveal to us additional persons of peace who we can co-labor with to see your Kingdom increase in Greece.


Our prayers are requested for the Lord’s work in South Sudan for the following…

1. The rain to stop so that the leaders can reach an Unreached People Group.
2. The new disciples to boldly face persecution.


Join us in prayer for the people of Cyprus where we desire to see God’s Kingdom multiplied…

Heavenly Father, the people of Cyprus have always been on your heart. We are thankful for the efforts of Paul and Barnabas to pioneer the advancement of the Gospel to these people. Lord, we are praying for a new wave of evangelism to happen through your provision of persons of peace. Lord, lead us to those who are thirsting for Truth. For the small pockets of believers among the minorities, we pray for you to protect them, strengthen their faith and use them for your glory to reach the rest of the island. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.


It is amazing to see how our Lord is connecting His children together for His Kingdom purposes. Kenny & Frieda Fong (Mauritius) sent us this picture of Uli who is currently in Uganda training his contacts in that country. Kenny & Frieda trained Uli while they were in Germany last year visiting Frieda’s family. Uli has been a faithful laborer in Germany and now is obediently following the leading of the Holy Spirit to make disciples in other nations. Praise the Lord that Jude, who the Lord has raised up as a leader in Uganda, will be providing follow up with the folks who are pictured. Let’s pray for each participant to be used mightily by our Lord as they obediently practice what they have learned.


Our prayers are needed for three 13 year old boys in Slovenia. Lenart has express a desire to know Jesus. Goran and Daniel are addicted to drugs, but have a desire to read the Bible. Let’s pray for each of them to discover Jesus’ great love for them, to repent and place their faith in Christ.


The Holy Spirit spoke to Yanet about a boy she has been tutoring named Kike. Yanet sensed the Spirit tell her that Kike was ready to receive Jesus as His Savior. The next time she meet with Kike, Yanet shared with the grandmother what the Spirit revealed to her. With tears in her eyes, the grandmother gave Yanet permission to share the gospel with Kike. Praise the Lord that Kike placed his faith in Jesus. However, the grandmother did not follow Kike’s example. We are also asked to pray for the mother who Yanet has also been witnessing to.