A healthy Biglife is not possible without prayer.

We’ve seen it again and again: your prayers are powerful and effective in helping disciples all over the world live for Jesus. Will you join us in praying for the loving advance of God’s Kingdom? These are just some of the worldwide requests.

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Join us in praying this prayer of John and Jennifer Hoogeveen in Puerto Rico…


Heavenly Father, we are so grateful for the Hoogeveen’s who have obediently followed your call back to Puerto Rico where they served you in recent years. We are thankful they are going with a single focus of making multiplying disciples of Jesus. Just like Jesus faced opposition from religious leaders, it should not be surprising that the Hoogeveen’s will as well. We pray for you to encourage them each day through your Word, through your Spirit, through other believers including the fact that an army of intercessors are lifting them up. We join them in praying for more laborers who will make disciples no matter what attacks of our enemy come at them.


Brother Uli in Germany was assisting his disciples in prayer walking and 2 people confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior as they were engaged with the Gospel. Praise the Lord for this Kingdom growth. Let’s pray for the Lord to give Uli continued boldness and wisdom as he leads a growing team of disciple-makers.


Peter Dunn shares these requests for Ireland…

Pray for peace in Ireland. Ireland has a deep Christian heritage dating back to Saint Patrick but, while compared to other parts of the British Isles the percentage of church attendance is higher in Ireland than elsewhere, this is now in significant decline.  There is a growing disillusionment with the inherited church.  Some vibrant new streams of church are emerging.  Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Ireland ad for people of faith to rise up and share the gospel and make true disciples of Jesus.


Lee Wood will be leading a training from December 8-12. Pray for many to attend who desire to make disciples from their homes unto their communities unto the nations. Pray for the Lord to use Lee to teach the Biblical concepts that result in movements.


We previously asked for you to begin praying for the Lord to open opportunities into Oceania where our Australian brother, Dave Marrett, is planning to engage in 2020. The Lord is already answering our prayers in profound ways. We received this message from Dave…

Just a quick story of the incredible power of Jesus: As we are gearing up to reach into Oceania (bloody huge area!), we have been praying for at least one connection in 5 of the major island regions. Last night I went out with a group of graduates from our REBOOT combat recovery course and as we were talking I shared some of the areas that we are seeking to train indigenous leaders to reach their own people. I came away with 3 people to train and solid connections to people in East Timor, West Papua, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands and Tahiti. Talk about my cup running over!


We received these prayer requests from Dave and Barbara Miller..

Please join Bolivia’s Christians today to ask for three petitions.

That political and ethnic groups still loyal to the old regime will renounce violence and support peaceful change.

That death threats will not be carried out against interim president Janine Añez, a confessed follower of Jesus.

That free and fair elections will produce a leader for Bolivia who fears God and obeys the law.

Our prayer throughout these past weeks has been the promise of Psalms 125.3: “The scepter of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the righteous, for then the righteous might use their hands to do evil.”


Several baptisms have taken place in the island nation of Comoros in recent days. Praise the Lord! Please continue to lift up Brother Imaad and his growing team of disciple-makers as they labor among the harvest fields of their nation.


Brother Michel reports that the Lord enabled him to get a second hand water tank into a prison in recent days. As a result, 15 of the inmates who have surrendered to Jesus were baptized. Praise the Lord! Pray for each of grow in their faith and be used to advance our Lord’s Kingdom within the prison.


Praise the Lord! Brother Habil reports that 40 groups are now meeting regularly in Egypt. We rejoice in the growth of our Lord’s Kingdom.


Peter Dunn serves as Biglife’s Director of Europe and lives in England with his wife, Jane.  Peter shares this request for Wales…


Pray for Carl Gidney in Cardiff as he seeks to apply disciple making principles in his urban setting and is seeing fruit especially among an Iranian diaspora community. Pray that others will join Carl in seeking to make disciples across Wales.


Mithu is 62 years old. For the past three years she had been suffering from severe chest pains. Doctors were not able to diagnose the exact reason for the pain. She had undergone a lot of treatments, but still the pain persisted. Mithu was finding life unbearable and had given up all hope of getting better.

Recently, Mithu met with her sister who has become a follower of Jesus. Her sister told Mithu that she should come to the group so that many Christians could pray for her. Feeling she had nothing to lose, Mithu visited the group where she was lifted in prayer for healing.

A few days later Mithu realized that the pain was gone. She has been miraculously healed by our Lord. Mithu has placed her faith in Jesus and has been baptized. Furthermore, she is telling everyone in her village how Jesus has healed her.


Brother Michel asks that we pray for the Lord to use a partnership with Farming God’s Way to expand His Kingdom in DR Congo and the surrounding countries. Pray for continued unity and obedience to the ways the Spirit directs.


Brother Joe Kolliesuah and his disciple, Christopher, will be leading several trainings in different locations over the next two weeks. Let’s pray for the Spirit to draw many who are eager to see their country run to Jesus and who are willing to be on mission in their communities.


We received the follow update and pictures from Casey Law over the weekend.

I prayed a lot yesterday and today for the team in Rioja, Perú as they had their first solo training. Three of the trainers never showed, but those that showed did a great job. Yanet of Moyobamba led the group and we have a new trainer named Jhonathan that really stepped up to the plate they said. After training today they sent out 4 groups searching for Houses of Peace. During that one hour, 5 people prayed to receive Christ.

I asked Yanet how the pastor of the church received the tools. This was her response…

“He is happy and he said it is interesting and important. One of our members said ‘I wanted to evangelize, but I didn’t know how.. but now I know’.”

Pray for the work in this area and that the Lord would continue to draw more people like Yanet and Jhonathan to the harvest.


Dave Marrett sent us a great testimony from the security sensitive area of South Asia he has been laboring in to raise up indigenous disciple makers.

The uncle of one of our leaders and a staunch Buddhist has surrendered to Jesus and has been baptized in recent days. When I took the team through the why, who, how in January he sat through and when we did the 3 circles method of evangelism he identified as living in brokenness. His nephew continued to challenge him with repentance that leads to Freedom and yesterday he broke down (very rare for men from this region) and said he could not continue to fight against Jesus and wanted to follow him!


Kenny Fong has been sending us updates from the trainings that are happening in Malawi. Praise the Lord that many laborers are being activated to share the Gospel and many are surrendering their lives to the Lordship of Jesus.

In the first training, teams of 2 were sent out prayer walking to looking for people of peace and 15 people confessed Jesus as Lord. In the second training, 6 more people were saved.


We received this report and prayer requests  from Casey Laws in Peru…

“Last weekend we went person of peace hunting in Moyobamba, Perú. Friday night we planned for and prayed over the areas where we would be sharing the Gospel on Saturday. Eight locals shared with 27 people and 12 of those people prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior. Two people were instantly healed after we prayed for them, and they accepted Christ after experiencing His power.  I also had the privilege of sharing the story of Philip and the Ethiopian in a rehab center for men. Many of them are new believers and have not been baptized. We are returning later this month to have a time of Baptism with them. Pray for their desire to obey the commands of Christ and for us to make all necessary plans for this opportunity to be a reality.”


Peter Dunn serves as Biglife’s Director of Europe and lives in England with his wife, Jane.  Peter shares these requests for Scotland…

Pray that churches may be revived to make disciples who make disciples, and that believers will get out and about and share their stories of personal faith in Jesus and the difference that this makes. Pray for me as I meet with Scottish leaders early in 2020 to encourage them in embracing disciple making principles.  Give thanks for the openness of some to step out in faith in disciple making.


The Lord has provided an opportunity for Biglife to cast vision for Disciple Making Movements at the 42 locations of WinterJam, which begins January 10. Pray for people to be discovered at every location who desire to be used by God to make multiplying disciples of Jesus.


Pray for Jereme and Habil’s time in Turkey in the days ahead. Pray for it to be highly productive in equipping refugees and the indigenous population to make disciples who make disciples.


Hannah Holtkamp and freshmen students from Grand Valley State University in Michigan spent recent days at Liberty University training and co-laboring with Liberty freshmen. Praise the Lord for the obedience of our new sister-in-Christ, Ellen, in baptism. Also, several high school students who were visiting from North Carolina were trained how to share the Gospel using the 3 circles method.


The Lord has been answering our prayers for Kenny Fong’s time in Malawi in amazing ways. Kenny sent this update with pictures from his first day…

While engaging the neighborhood this morning, we were invited to a mosque by an Imam. We shared with him and he accepted Christ. We also engaged a group of Muslims. They confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior. Then we immediately challenged them to obey and share Jesus with others. Ten people were baptized today!


Dave Marrett and his team will begin reaching the island nations of Oceania in early 2020. Let’s pray for the Lord to give them clear direction on where to start. Pray also for the Spirit to prepare the hearts of these people to receive Truth as Dave and his team raise up laborers to proclaim it.