A healthy Biglife is not possible without prayer.

We’ve seen it again and again: your prayers are powerful and effective in helping disciples all over the world live for Jesus. Will you join us in praying for the loving advance of God’s Kingdom? These are just some of the worldwide requests.

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Let’s pray for Dave & Barbara Miller as they seek persons of peace and continue to make disciples who make disciples. They are currently on lockdown due to Covid-19. About three weeks ago a longtime friend, Marcela, came to a group that the Miller’s lead in their home. They could tell the Spirit was at work in Marcela’s life. When they could no longer host the group in their home due to restrictions, they were able to have lunch with Marcela and she placed her faith in Christ. Since then, Marcela has been sharing her testimony and the gospel with her mother, sister and friend. They have began reading the Bible together.


Brother Uli in Germany shares that he trained a lady named Daniela last summer. She was forced to self quarantine because she was in the presence of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Thankfully, Daniela has not shown any symptoms. During her time of quarantine she has not stopped sharing the Gospel. The other day she connected on the phone with a contact and shared Jesus. Praise the Lord that the person repented and placed their faith in Christ. Now they are working out the logistical challenges related to water baptism. Let’s pray for them.


Six months ago I was in a bad accident. I was hit by a truck on my way to work. I was badly injured me and was unconscious on the side of the road. Thankfully some people found me and took me to the hospital. The doctor informed me that the damage to my knees was so severe that I would never be able to walk again. Upon returning home, I was very discouraged.

My son, Sumit, is a follower of Jesus and he encouraged me that I could be healed. I agreed to let Sumit introduce me to other Christians who wanted to pray for me. When they began to pray, I felt strength starting to return to my legs. Within three weeks of people praying, I was totally healed. I am now able to walk and I am back to work. All praise to the Lord, Jesus Christ, who has totally healed me.

Please pray for me as I share my testimony and the Gospel with others!


Brother Matjaž asks that we pray according to 2 Chronicles 7:13-14. That this time would be an opportunity for many to humble themselves, pray and seek God’s face. And that the Lord of the universe would respond with mercy, not reckoning for our many sins, but rather send healing and restoration soon.


We continue to get reports several times each week from the multitude of teams throughout difficult areas of Central Asia of how Truth is being shared and people are being discipled. Let’s continue to pray for the Gospel to reach these precious people before the virus does.


Join us in praying for God’s Kingdom to increase in Jamaica. We are asking the Lord to use Brother Sheldon who has been trained in discipleship principles that lead to multiplication. We are also asking the Lord for additional persons of peace.


Ryan Arndt in Michigan shares that 8 people have gathered in a place the Lord has provided for them to quarantine. They are discipling others via video conferencing and still not forsaking the gathering. One example is Jereme VanderWoude discipling Noah by assisting him in sharing with a disciple via video.

Praise the Lord that Biglife leaders around the world are still very effectively being used by the Lord to advance His Kingdom.


We receive a great report from Peru. Sister Yanet prayed for her father for 18 years to attend a local gathering of believers, but he never did. This past weekend, Yanet, her daughter and brother gathered in her father’s house as the Body. For the first time, her father experienced worship, prayer, fellowship, hearing and obeying God’s Word and giving.


God’s Kingdom continues to grow in South Sudan. It is impossible to quarantine the move of the Spirit and God’s power! Brother Mark shares with us that 79 more new believers were baptized this past weekend. Hallelujah!


We received this great report from Mauritius…

“In times of complete lockdown, the Gospel is going forth and people are coming to faith. Doriane assisted her disciple, Christelle, who led two childhood friends to the Lord on a Zoom call. They plan to get in the Word on Monday. Side note: Christelle just gave birth 2 weeks ago and she is already back making disciples.”


Brother Habil was able to train 25 people from a variety of cities throughout Syria on the principles of disciple making movements. Pray for each of the participants to have great success as they share their story and the Gospel with their relational networks.


Seven new brother and and sisters in the Lord were baptized in Uganda in recent days. Praise the Lord for how His Kingdom is rapidly advancing throughout this nation.


Ashutosh is 20 years old. He dropped out of his studies and left home. During this time, he became involved with a bad group of people and was not making good choices. He became addicted to drugs and his health was declining rapidly. His parents made several attempts to bring him back home, but Ashutosh kept refusing. Eventually, his health was so bad that he decided to return home for medical treatment.

On his return home, Brother Santu had the privilege of meeting him. Santu shared the Gospel and helped Ashutosh realize the purpose of life and what Jesus did for him on the cross. Santu shared much about the love of God. Praise the Lord that Ashutosh is now following Jesus despite some significant obstacles that he is having to face for his allegiance to Christ.


Please pray for the Lord’s work in the Rift Valley region. Rawlings and his wife, Sandra, were there in recent days to continue coaching those who have been faithfully laboring. Pray for protection over this work and for our brothers and sisters to remain faithful and fruitful.


Brother Wycliff reports that 300 people have entered into the Lord’s Kingdom recently. This has resulted from training that was provided at a university and the students who were trained being obedient to share the Gospel with others.


Casey Laws, leader in Peru, has been asked to help with an endeavor to reach the remaining unreached, unengaged people groups (UUPGs) in Colombia, specifically the Bora, Guanaca, Kubeo, Macaguan, Muinane, Siriano, Tucano, Eastern Tunebo, Tuyuka & Yari. Let’s join Casey in praying for an indigenous team being raised up and for persons of peace among each of these people groups.


Several people in Malawi have placed their faith in Christ and have been baptized in recent days. Some of this growth occurred while Gibson, the leader in Malawi, was outside the country traveling to other nations. Praise the Lord for these transformed lives and that leaders are being raised up to carry the work forward into more and more areas of Malawi.