Back to the Basics

It’s simple. It’s reproducible. It’s Scriptural. This is why we have seen this training work in every cultural context and in over 100 nations. Although approaches and strategies may vary from context to context, the basics of making disciples crosses every language and border. This is what the Biglife Training is all about – getting back to the basics of making disciples who go and make more disciples right where they are.

What is the Biglife Training

The Biglife Training helps launch believers into this full and joyful life and eliminates the excuses that many people have for not sharing the gospel or discipling those they lead to faith. The two most common excuses are: “I am not called” and “I have not been trained”. Whether in ministry or in the marketplace, we are all called to love God, love others, and make disciples. This training will activate you to put into practice the tools you will receive.

It is 1-2 full-days of interactive participation and practicing simple tools—much more than gaining information and knowledge. These trainings are best when done in groups of 15-30 people so that everyone can participate and be a part.

Catalyze a Movement in Your Community

Are you interested in catalyzing a movement in your area? Pray about bringing a Biglife Training to your community and seeing the Kingdom of God established right where you are.

Training Resources

Module 1
Making Disciples That Make Disciples
Module 2
Stewarding Networks and Relationships
Module 3
Oral Training
Module 4
Community Transformation
Online Training
Training Bookmark

God promised that every nation, tongue, and tribe would one day bow at the feet of Jesus and we want to play a part in seeing that happen.

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